Deep Intrigue

Intrigue… ‘Deeper Drum n Bass, Bristol’. How many of us had that simple adage bookmarked, that promise of great star-strewn sets straight from the confines of the club from the early 00s mark? 11 years on, the legendary Bristol night has stepped up with a decade’s worth of beats to celebrate. Well, a decade’s worth plus one.

Founder/Insider Ben Payne talked us through the night and dropped two killer lists in the process!

Ben what makes Intrigue different to other nights? I mean we all share the same love of the music/artists but what would you say Intrigue has got that’s special?

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Dance Concept’s ‘Generation Hyper’ competition

Stevie Hyper D comp

10 years since ‘The Legend’ was released, Dance Concept are back with their second album paying respect once again to Stevie Hyper D. Featuring a collection of some of the industry’s biggest producers and a few new faces, this album promises to deliver an eclectic collection of Jungle, Drum & Bass and a few other surprises.

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Original Sin: Run Riot


‘Borg’. ‘Device’. ‘Screamers’… take cover! It’s as if each tune from the Running Man ep is a uniquely-formed, bristling entity coming for you full force, complete with fanged allies, power-ups and extra weaponry… the title track itself cleverly encasing a respectful nod to D&B’s ‘spaced’ past. Imposingly vast and formed from technology much more advanced than ours, time to establish an uplink with Running Man‘s mastermind, Original Sin.

Did you go in with the intention of ‘let’s make a total killer ep’ with Running Man?

It was definitely a fun project, I enjoyed making all of these tracks.

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Kelle: Air Strike


Air pressure alert! Sweeping out of origins unknown – well Hungary if you’re being geographically picky – is THAT clinical, oxygen-sucked-out-of-the-airlock PURGE of ‘Respirator’. Ironically. With ‘Radiophobia’ continuing that insidious ‘Cold War-men-with-clipboards’ inference, it was time to get sucked in to some molten beats with Kelle.

Would you say that Respirator/Radiophobia showcase two MAIN sides of your sound Kelle sir?

It’s hard to say what the main side of my sound is, but I do know that this style, this sub-genre of D&B always played a big part in influencing my music production. I also like to make harder, neuro tracks as well as calmer liquid ones. It all depends on my mood. I can’t stick with one sound. I just go with my instincts.

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Fade: Urban Roots

Back To Roots ep has recently surfaced on Faded. Time to catch up with Fade himself and to go straight back to basics: to find out how he’s finding time to immerse in D&B considering life in his native Ukraine is in a state of constant, troubled flux.

With such a troubled time, is it had to stay on top of music?

Yes last 3 months I haven’t had time or been in the mood to produce or listen to new music. Now after all the things that have happened here I am slowly getting back to music with new ideas influenced that part of my life, my own experience.

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Marcus Visionary: Heart Drive


Huge jungle vibes? Check. Uniquly-realised and high-octane new album? Check. A love of many of the (possibly) overlooked strands that comprise jungle over time? You get the picture… time to talk about it all with Toronto’s Marcus Visionary, and to get heads down and dirty with five jungle killers from time.

Marcus, your music is full of the real, gritty reality of D&B/jungle. It makes me think of sweaty nights where people like Nicky BM, Brockie and the like would tear up the spot… is that a fair portrayal?

Massive respect to Nicky BM and Brockie as they have always pushed the Jungle sound from day one.

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Drum&BassArena 2014: Matrix & Futurebound

matrix healthyThe fourth and final feature in our Drum&BassArena 2014 series celebrates another one of this year’s most exciting D&B runaway success stories. From their club command to chart success, Matrix & Futurebound are repping hard on every level.

Drum&BassArena 2014 comes complete with their own STFU remix of the top 10-hugging Control. A kindly reminder of the long-standing partnership’s rolling rugged roots, we called up Futurebound to find out more… And find out what’s next in their hit cannon, what’s coming up on Viper Recordings and what his opinion is on drum & bass right now… Continue reading

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Roni Size: Evolution


D&B evolution: 20 years and counting.

Driving the scene is an army of pioneers who push the sound and support each other in their endeavours; relentlessly experimenting with new sounds and ideas that ultimately helped shape the genre into what it is today. One of the most influential formative pioneers is Mr Roni Size.

An original player: He, along with his band Reprazent, was among the first to bring drum & bass to a stage show in live form. Their 1997 album New Forms won the Mercury Prize, making the possibilities for drum & bass seem limitless.

Fast forward: Roni Size is due to return with a new album and a new label, Mansion Sounds, plus he and Reprazent have a new album currently in the works along with a very special live appearance in front of an intimate audience at Metropolis Studios on June 13. Along with the live show, Roni will be holding an exclusive production masterclass on June 14 for only 55 attendees, where he’ll be going through original multi-track masters of some of his classic tunes and an in-depth interview.

We caught up with Roni to chat about the motivation behind the live show and masterclass at Metropolis, and about his thoughts on the state of drum & bass today… Continue reading

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WARNING: GODZILLA has arrived… And it’s destroyed our speakers!

godzilla_singleAddictive Behaviour returns this month with yet another speaker-shattering showdown. Three releases deep and it’s clear the London-based label is finding its pace and distinctive place in the never-ending release marathon drum & bass fans enjoy each and every week.

Out today, their latest destructive dispatch comes from two incredible young talents. Hailing from Bulgaria and Ukraine respectively, both L 33 and Detail remind us just how fertile Eastern Europe is for agenda-setting, concrete-melting drum & bass right now. L 33’s Bring Down is an industrial strength roller that growls with the iciness of scorned polar bear while Detail’s Godzilla lives up to its monstrous name with roaring proportions and seismic sonic shocks… Continue reading

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Let It Roll Festival 2014


Let It Roll is back in the Czech Republic this year and judging by the line-up released so far, it’s set to be a good ’un! With Drum&BassArena hosting the 2nd stage, and with over half the line-up still yet to be announced, anticipation for the event is spreading like wildfire. There to make your Let It Roll experience an extra special one will be acts such as Netsky (Live), Camo & Krooked, Wilkinson, Loadstar, The Upbeats, Dirtyphonics, Etherwood, Ed Rush & Optical and more!

Set in the impressive military area Benesov, the festival runs from the 1st-3rd of August and if last years attendance is anything to go by (with 15000 visitors per day) these are not tickets you want to hold off buying.

Check out some of the highlights from last years festival to give you an idea of how jaw-droppingly huge this will be! Continue reading

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